IMSE lunchtime seminar: March 13, at noon

We’ll meet in Grainger Library, room 329 (note that the room is different!)

Two talks will be given, by

Ali Belabbas, ECE,


Maxim Raginsky, ECE as well.

IMSE lunchtime seminar: February 27, at noon

We’ll meet, as usual, in Grainger Library, room 335.

Two talks will be given:

Ely Kerman, Math, will describe a puzzling Morse theoretic phenomenon,


Thomas Anastasio, Beckman Institute, will tell us about Using Formal Methods from Computer Science to Simulate and Analyze Complex Neurobiological Processes Many conceptually-oriented biologists and computational modelers would love to [...]

Special IMSE Lecture, March 12, 2013

The Mathematics of Software Reliability 11:00 am, Tuesday, March 12, 2013 in 269 Everitt Lab

William Taber (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Software controls your computer. It controls your phone, car, games, radio, television, microwave ovens, ATM, printer, and on and on. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to go through a day without interacting with software. And [...]

IMSE lunchtime seminar: February 6th, at noon

Next installment of the seminar will take place, as usual, in Grainger Library, room 335.

Two talks will be given:

Harry Dankowicz, MSE, will talk on   COCO – a computational toolbox for covering implicitly defined manifolds, The Matlab-based software platform COCO provides core and general purpose functionality for tracking solutions of nonlinear problems under [...]

IMSE lunchtime seminar: January 16, at noon

We will resume the seminar on Jan 16th, in Grainger Library, room 329

We start with two talks:

Sayan Mitra, ECE, will talk on  Verification of hybrid systems and networksThe aim of a verification algorithm is to either construct a proof of correctness or produce counter-examples demonstrating defects, in a given system model. A hybrid [...]

IMSE lunchtime seminar: November 28, at noon.

At noon in Grainger Engineering Library, room 335 (third floor, middle of the building).

This meeting of IMSE Seminar deals with dynamical systems:

The speakers are Daniel Liberzon, ECE speaking on Almost Lyapunov functions, and  Eugene Lerman, Math with a talk on Dynamics on Networks.

Lunch time seminar: november 7

At noon in Grainger Engineering Library, room 335

This post-election edition will be dedicated to aggregation of preferences and topological social choice.

The speakers are Anil Hirani, CS and Yuliy Baryshnikov, ECE/Math.

Next seminar is on Nov. 28th, in Grainger Engineering Library: Daniel Liberzon and Eugene Lerman will speak.

Next lunchtime seminar: October 17th at noon, in CSL 141.

This time we will have two speakers,

Hal Schenck, Math, and Tim Bretl, Aero/CSL

The conference room is on the first floor of CSL building, South Wing.

Next two seminars will take place on Nov. 7th and Nov. 28th, in Grainger Engineering Library.

Brown Bag Lunch Seminar resuming on Sept. 26th

We will meet in 170 Everitt Lab at noon. The lineup:

Iwan Duursma (Math), Olgica Milenkovic (ECE) and Luke Olson (CS).

4.16-4.22: Events

Tuesday, 4.17 Geometry Seminar 2:00 pm 243 Altgeld Hall. Matthew Wright (Huntington University) speaks on Hadwiger Integration and Applications: Quermassintegrals for data…

Wednesday, 4.18

Decision, Control and Optimization Seminar 3:00pm, B02 CSL. Edgar Lobaton (North Carolina State University) talks about Constructing Robust Topological and Functional Image Descriptors -”topological descriptors that are invariant to bounded deformations…” [...]