IMSE Small Grant Proposals Awarded Funding!

Congratulations to the following recipients that have been awarded funding by IMSE for their proposals!

Yuliy Baryshnikov and Timothy Bretl for “The Mathematics of Robotic Manipulation”

Liming Feng and Renming Song for “Discrete Sampling of Levy Processes: Supremum and Optimal Stopping”

Richard Laugesen and Oscar Lopez-Pamies for “A novel class of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations to Investigate the Initiation and Propagation of Damage in Soft Solids”

Daniel Liberzon and Vadim Zharnitsky for “Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Control Theory”

Richard Sowers, Luke Olson, Daniel Work and Enlu Zhou for “Traffic Flows”

Lee DeVille and Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia for “Stochastic Hybrid Systems: Applications to Complex System Performability Analysis”

Eugene Lerman and Sayan Mitra for “Networks of Hybrid Systems”

Andrew Ferguson and Lee DeVille for “Manifold Learning of Biomolecular Free Energy Surfaces from Noisy Takens’ Delay Embeddings”

Jozsef Balog and Kaustubh Bhalerao for “Graph theoretic and experimental investigation of network resilience: Towards bioengineered ecosystems”

Grace Gao and Richard Gorvett for “Risk Models for Autonomous Vehicle Systems”

Yuliy Baryshnikov and Naira Hovakimyan for “Trajectory Generation using Pythagorean Hodograph Bézier Curves”