IMSE lunchtime seminar: November 6, at noon

We meet in Grainger Library, room 329.

Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia, ECE, talks on Analysis of Power System Dynamics Subject to Stochastic Power Injections We propose a framework to study the impact of stochastic active/reactive power injections on power system dynamics with a focus on time scales involving electromechanical phenomena. In this framework the active/reactive power injections evolve according to [...]

IMSE lunchtime seminar: October 16, at noon

The second meeting of the seminar is, as usual, in Grainger Library, room 335.

Steven Levinson, ECE, talks on A Geometric Interpretation and Proof of Baum’s Algorithm for Estimation of the Parameters of a Probabilistic Function of a Markov Process,A probabilistic function of a finite state Markov process is a stochastic process, , that generates [...]

IMSE lunchtime seminar: April 24, at noon

Next meeting of the seminar is, as usual, in Grainger Library, room 335.

Last talks of the semester are by Kay Kirkpatrick, Math, on Heisenberg and XY models of ferromagnets and superconductors, Beyond the Ising model of ferromagnetism, there are the more realistic and challenging XY model (spins in the circle) and the classical Heisenberg [...]

IMSE lunchtime seminar: March 13, at noon

We’ll meet in Grainger Library, room 329 (note that the room is different!)

Two talks will be given, by

Ali Belabbas, ECE,


Maxim Raginsky, ECE as well.

Lunch time seminar: november 7

At noon in Grainger Engineering Library, room 335

This post-election edition will be dedicated to aggregation of preferences and topological social choice.

The speakers are Anil Hirani, CS and Yuliy Baryshnikov, ECE/Math.

Next seminar is on Nov. 28th, in Grainger Engineering Library: Daniel Liberzon and Eugene Lerman will speak.

3.26-4.1: events

Monday 3.26

IMSE Brown Bag Lunch Seminar, 12:00-12:50, 103 Transportation Building.  Presenters: Jong-Shi Pang (ISE), Jared Bronski (Math), and Vadim Zharnitsky (Math)


ICWS/Communications Seminar, 4:00, 141 CSL. Vijay Subramanian, (Northwestern University) speaks on MaxWeight Scheduling: Fluid Limits and Outage Behavior

Tuesday 3.27

Probability, 2:00 pm, 347 Altgeld Hall. Philip Matchett Wood (U Wisconsin-Madison) gives a Survey of the Circular Law: What [...]

brown bag lunch seminars to start soon

Upcoming Events calendar is here