IMSE lunchtime seminar: October 16, at noon

The second meeting of the seminar is, as usual, in Grainger Library, room 335.

Steven Levinson, ECE, talks on A Geometric Interpretation and Proof of Baum’s Algorithm for Estimation of the Parameters of a Probabilistic Function of a Markov Process,A probabilistic function of a finite state Markov process is a stochastic process, , that generates [...]

SATANA (an IMSE affiliated seminar): Roger Brockett, October 7 , AH 345

Roger Brockett, Harvard Optimal Cyclic Processes and subRiemannian Geodesics

The basic mechanisms involved in wide variety of engineering and biological processes depend on properties of non integrable distributions define by collections of vector fields. It often happens that the most efficient trajectories define closed subriemannian geodesics. In this talk we will establish some of the [...]

Next lunchtime seminar: October 17th at noon, in CSL 141.

This time we will have two speakers,

Hal Schenck, Math, and Tim Bretl, Aero/CSL

The conference room is on the first floor of CSL building, South Wing.

Next two seminars will take place on Nov. 7th and Nov. 28th, in Grainger Engineering Library.

Brown Bag Lunch Seminar resuming on Sept. 26th

We will meet in 170 Everitt Lab at noon. The lineup:

Iwan Duursma (Math), Olgica Milenkovic (ECE) and Luke Olson (CS).

3.12-18: events

Monday 3.12

Talk by Amit Singer (Applied Math, Princeton) on Vector Diffusion Maps and the Connection Laplacian (143 Altgeld Hall, 1:00 p.m.) – new ways to parse the data. Dr. Dmitry Malioutov (DRW Holdings) talks on Smooth Isotonic Covariances with Applications to Interest Rate Risk Modeling (141 CSL,  4:00 p.m.) – more data parsing!

Tuesday 3.13

Informational [...]